Members of the Genome Informatics Working Group have recognized the need to provide a comprehensive resource for pharmacogenomic biomarkers information for those drugs that are approved by regulatory authorities.

The process they have followed in order to gather the specific information was to extract from the published literature all pharmacogenomic biomarkers that relate to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved drugs with pharmacogenomic information in their label and make them available in a database that triangulates between drugs, genes and pharmacogenomics biomarkers.

This Database was developed jointly with the Global Genomic Medicine Collaborative Pharmacogenomics Working Group and it has been named DruGeVar.

All DruGeVar database records involve correlations between 91 drugs, 13 genomic loci and 98 genomic variants which has previously implicated in variable drug responses both in terms of efficacy and toxicity. The registered records depict drug/gene combinations have been approved by any or both of the two regulatory agencies and are available to the public for data querying.

Recently, the DruGeVar database was included as a plug-in module for the pharmacogenomic biomarkers module of FINDbase database, while new data visualization functionalities were added to facilitate data querying output. Overall, the DruGeVar database is expected to contribute towards bridging the gap between pharmacogenomics research findings and clinical practice.

Finally, the FINDbase worldwide database for clinically relevant genomic variation allele frequencies continues to be updated with new functionalities and content, thanks to the joint efforts of the Genome Informatics Working Group.



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